Entering the random world of semi-sentient art


The lorries have arrived. The stuff for Philippe Parreno's immeasurable establishment is being emptied in Tate Modern's inconceivable Turbine Hall in London – screens, speakers, lights, PCs, a cover, a dish of yeast, and twelve or so inflatable fish.

Parreno himself is dead on his feet with work… and stress. His production line measured portable – worked by calculations got from developing yeast, the climate, the tides, the section of planes, even the music from passing buskers – won't generally be under his control.

What's more, this is the point. Parreno's current historic point appears, at the Park Avenue Armory in New York and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, were each conceded a specific measure of self-sufficiency once get under way, however, it's Anywhen, at the Tate, that really tears free of the craftsman's direction.

What will happen? "I truly don't have a clue," Parreno yields, as we cluster toward the side of a bistro close-by. He navigates the wireframe chart of the establishment: "The corridor is a special space, very not at all like anyplace I've occupied some time recently. Until this work is gotten under way, I essentially won't know whether it, well, works."

A cat-and-mouse diversion

Painters have it simple as in an artistic creation, even in a poor display, is still a work of art.

Parreno's medium is the real mechanics of show making. His enormous interconnected mechanical and media components won't really cling into a critical gem for some days. By then – this is the thought – the rhythms and possibilities that work its sounds, movies, lights and the movements of its rooftop mounted boards will have obtained a specific amicability. Unless, obviously, they don't.

Feel sorry for the situation of a craftsman whose workmanship does not – without a doubt, can't – exist at the season of its own press dispatch. Daily paper analysts have so far been liberal, not to state effortlessly satisfied, making a big deal about the fish (celebrated variants of the sort you can purchase in any toy store), the architectonic white boards (which make moving, portable fenced in areas and sight lines: this display inside an exhibition truly can't decide what shape to be) and even the cover (which, so far as we could judge, was, basically, a dim cover).

This liberality might be important, yet it rather overlooks the main issue of Parreno's specialty – which is to set in motion a machine adequately complex to produce its own imaginative work from what are, we trust sufficiently rich beginning conditions.

Workmanship tech tie-ups

In a fairly grouchy report from September's Ars Electronica celebration in Linz, Austria, we prodded craftsmen for their annulment of duty. Given that making innovation (be it as hand tomahawks, wheels, intercontinental ballistic rockets or exhibition traversing "biocomputers") is something that people actually do, there is something repetitive about the possibility of a craftsman "teaming up with innovation". It's somewhat similar to being informed that an Olympic runner is working together with her legs. "All things considered, clearly," you may react, confused. "Thus… ?"

Regardless of whether Parreno's giant establishment will influence us out of that whiner with "sci-workmanship", we don't yet know – and we won't for some days. The wheels have just barely begun turning; the answers, up 'til now, are scarcely gurgling.

In any case, if Parreno can, in the end, be said to have succeeded, he will require an alternate sort of basic reaction. Liquid. Slower. More intelligent. What's more, (sad, dear peruser, yet there's no way to avoid this) late.

For probably the first time, then, we urge you to swing to the magazine issue of 22 October and catch a more profound preview of a bit of craftsmanship that will perpetually be a work in advance.
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